To stay out of the headlines, take cybersecurity seriously

You’ve probably heard about the Equifax data breach. And you’ve probably noticed an uptick in the conversation about cybersecurity. There’s a really simple reason why stories like this are happening more and more frequently; we simply aren’t taking cybersecurity seriously.

The State Journal posted a story entitled Increase in cybercrime investigations due to high-profile data breach incidents, where our very own Director of Information Security Services, Rob Dixon provided his expert opinion on the state cybersecurity and how the threat is just increasing. And the reason is everyone has their head in the sand. From the article:

“We should have been concerned for many years,” Dixon said. “It’s nothing new. We’ve been hearing it’s been happening in the news since the late 90s, early 2000s.”

The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal reported this week that CIOs have not been prioritizing cybersecurity. In their article CIOs Reconsider Cyber Priorities After Equifax Breach, it’s reported that cybersecurity is ranked two, three or even lower on the IT agenda according to Gartner Inc. Technology initiatives such as analytics, cloud services, and infrastructure were cited as priorities more often.

That’s how we get data breaches like the one at Equifax.

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Advantage Technology has the technology and personnel in place to address any shortcomings your business has in its cybersecurity plans, if it even has any. Rob Dixon has a long history of protecting information.

“We deliver a number of advisory services in addition to security compliance testing, awareness training, and other professional security services,” Dixon says of the Advantage Technology team. “I have nearly 20 years of industry experience in information security, with a strong background in security operations, applied threat intelligence, policy development, operational procedure development, incident management, malware research, network defense architectures, network penetration testing, intrusion prevention technologies, endpoint protection and analysis and counterintelligence control operations.”

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