Trust Advantage Technology with your Avaya upgrade


If your business has an Avaya phone system that needs an upgrade, Advantage Technology is the company to trust.


“Our experience,” Advantage Technology’s Telecom Project Manager Dennis Dolin says. “Most of our senior technicians have 20-plus years of experience with the Avaya line. It was the first system I was trained on in the 1990s.

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“Plus, we don’t require maintenance contracts. Most of our competitors, as well as Avaya even, require that. But we’ve learned that most companies don’t need the level of service that would make that a sound decision for them.”

Dolin also says Advantage Technology’s staff is equipped to handle anything that has to do with Avaya, which he said can be a “highly complex platform.”

“We have all of the skills here at Advantage Technology,” he said. “We have senior network engineers. We have highly trained wiring people. We have a close connection with the carriers. Basically, we can troubleshoot any problem a customer might have.”

Dolin, like most of his Advantage Technology team, can design, install and maintain commercial telephone systems and voice, data and video infrastructures including fiber

The team at Advantage Technology has decades of experience designing, installing and repairing phone systems and networks that utilize Avaya products and technologies. Whether your business needs a network designed for new construction or simply need support for existing Avaya systems, Advantage Technology has you covered.

Dolin says most issues customers see today involve data networks. That’s also a reason to go with Advantage Technology.

“All a phone dealer can do is troubleshoot the phone itself,” he says. “They have to reach out to others if there is a data issue. But we can do all of that ourselves.

“We work closely with every carrier, every phone company, to reduce finger-pointing. For example, let’s say a business has an issue with echo on their lines. Their phone dealer might say it’s a phone company issue. The phone company might say it’s an issue with the phone dealer. They point back and forth at each other. Well, we eliminate that. We work with all of them.

“And because of our history with Avaya, we have an excellent relationship with the company. They’ve even custom-written software for us, for example, to meet customers’ needs.”