How to Listen to Podcasts


You may have noticed an exciting new happening in the world of spoken word news and entertainment. Not too long ago your only options for spoken word were radio talk shows or audiobooks, but today podcasts have become hugely popular.

Named by combing the words iPod and broadcast, podcasts were originally MP3 files you would download to your iPod to listen to when you were away from your computer. They became popular for passing the time while commuting, jogging, hiking or just going about your daily chores. Today there are podcasts on any number of topics, and you can access them on almost any device.

Maybe you’ve heard a friend talking about Serial or Freakonomics and have wanted to listen yourself but were unsure how. Or perhaps you’ve listened to a podcast on a webpage and figured there must a better way. Well, here is a little guide on how to listen to podcasts and where to find our favorite podcast, Mountain State Morning.

The Mountain State Morning Website

Mountain State Morning is a weekly podcast produced by the Charleston Gazette-Mail, and like many podcasts, you can listen to it directly from the website, look for the Play button. The Podcast website is typically the simplest way to listen, you’ll also get a listing of all the past podcasts, and you’ll be able to read full descriptions and show notes.

However, listening on the website does tether you to the computer, which is fine if you’re working but what about if you’re mobile? For that you’ll need an app.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcast is an app that comes with every iPhone. In it, you can subscribe to podcasts, and they will automatically download as soon as they are available. You can either search from the Apple Podcast app or go directly to the Mountain State Morning iTunes page to subscribe.


For Android phones, you have lots of options. Google Podcasts is a free app that typically comes installed with newer phones, but if you search “podcasts” in the Play Store you’ll see there are lots to choose from. Our favorite is Podcast Addict.

No matter which player you choose, all you have to do is search for Mountain State Morning and subscribe.

Other Services

Mountain State Morning is also available on Spotify and Stitcher, both of which are services available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android and PC.

No matter how you like to listen, there’s an option for everyone. So either bank up a few shows and pop in the earbuds, or cranks up those speakers and get a little dose of news from the Mountain State with the Mountain State Morning Podcast!