Quick Bytes: What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard the terms like “cloud computing” or “it’s in the cloud” a lot over the past few years. But what exactly does that mean? What is the cloud and why is it called the cloud? Why not sunshine and rainbows? Everyone likes sunshine and rainbows!
Even more to the importantly, how do you take advantage of the cloud? You’re always reading about how businesses are growing thanks to the cloud. How do you get in on that?

For starters, you need to engage with a company that has decades of experience in all areas of IT. For nearly 20 years, Advantage Technology has been providing IT services and solutions, and we've seen every side of information technology. Because we have over 80 technicians, we can specialize in emerging areas and have dedicated resources to specific disciplines, rather than merely being computer generalists. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with specific competencies in Microsoft's Cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

In this Quick Bytes video, I explain what cloud computing is and why it’s now always sunshine and rainbows. And if you have questions or feedback, ask in the Comment section of the video on our Facebook page!