[ICYMI] Crush Every Productivity Excuse with Microsoft 365

M365 Webinar

If there’s one thing we can all rely on, it’s that we can’t always rely on our co-workers.

Everyone has an excuse for why they can’t get their work done. They were away from their desk when you tried to reach them. Too busy to make it to a meeting. The process is too complicated. They just get too much email to keep up. On and on and on.

And let’s face it, there’s been a few times we’ve heard ourselves throwing out one of those excuses too. Addressing these and other excuses is exactly what Microsoft did when they put together Microsoft 365.

In this presentation, we’re going to show you how to use all these tools to get work done.

Who is This For?

You might be familiar with Office 365 and already have a subscription for your company, but are you taking full advantage of it? Microsoft has expanded their Office 365 lines to include so many incredible tools that they changed the name! It’s much more than just Office apps like Word and Excel, Microsoft 365 includes cloud storage with OneDrive and SharePoint, messaging and collaboration with Teams and process automation with Power Automate.

If you don’t have a subscription, you need to see everything it can do. After you see all the excuses it destroys, you’ll be blown away at how affordable it is.

Get a productivity-oriented overview of Microsoft 365’s core tools with Microsoft Certified Professional, Joe Justice. Learn how to share files, collaborate on documents in real-time and work with Teams. Watch the excuses fall away with these incredible productivity and collaboration tools.

But there’s more to productivity than just getting work done, you have to protect your data too. Cybersecurity expert, Jack Shaffer, will show you all the best practices for keeping your data safe and secure while still being open to collaboration.

And we’ll wrap things up by showing you how to update and modernize all those older systems and processes you’ve cobbled together through the years. If you’re copy and pasting information from spreadsheets, wrestling with an old Access database or regularly merging documents, then software developer, Amber Bostic, will show you how to use Power Automate, part of Microsoft 365, to replace those old systems and processes with user-friendly cloud-based automation.