Quick Bytes: How to Avoid Death by Meeting

Death by Meeting

Some people say, that if you're lonely, bored or just not wanting to do any real work, you can always have a meeting. That way at least it looks like you're doing something! Which is all well and good for the folks who don't really like to get things done, but for people like you and me? Well, let's just say that meetings won't kill you, they only make you wish you were dead.

Doers prefer to do rather than the sit around talking about doing and with Microsoft 365, it's never been easier to get things done. With tools like Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Power Automate, your whole team can collaborate effortlessly.

In this Quick Bytes video, I explain how to use Microsoft 365 to be productive without meetings. And if you have questions or feedback, ask in the comments on our Facebook page!