Taking Data Seriously Breakfast

Febuary 24th in Frederick, MD.

Cybercrime isn’t just a problem, it’s an industry. And in the modern day, it seems hardly a week goes by where there isn’t a major cyber-attack making headlines. The companies Mailchimp, T-Mobile and Paypal were all hit in January of 2023 alone. But each high-profile attack overshadows countless more that target small and medium sized businesses. These businesses like manufacturers, legal firms, retailers and others may or may not survive the operational and financial fallout caused by ransomware. So how do we take proactive steps to protect ourselves and our businesses?

The Taking Data Seriously Breakfast was a workshop designed to help businesses understand the importance of taking proactive steps to protect their data. We will discuss the latest threats, best practices, and strategies to help keep your data safe.

At the end of the workshop, attendess had a better understanding of the threats they face and the steps they can take to protect their data.

Brought to you by Galaxkey and Advantage Technology, we will discussed:

  • The critical data-protection issues currently facing US businesses today
  • Why businesses must now make data their focus
  • How to take a data-driven approach to cybersecurity – and why it matters
  • How to overcome the data security challenges you face