Charleston Simplify Network Deployment with Extreme Networks' Commercial Bundle

Are you struggling with the complexity of deploying affordable yet robust network infrastructure?

Extreme Network's Commercial Bundle is the solution you've been looking for! Their pre-packaged solutions take the guesswork out of constructing an IT network, providing you with the latest Wi-Fi technology and advanced cloud management. With their bundle, you can adapt to changing market conditions and better serve your clients while reducing IT troubleshooting efforts by up to 75%.

At this lunch and learned where we discovered how Extreme’s technology is best in class, featuring Wi-Fi 6/6E and advanced security and data privacy features. Plus, you didn't have to worry about subscription renewals for five years, and you received five years of technical support. With Extreme Network's Commercial Bundle, you could ensure secure, robust, and affordable network deployment.

Learn about Extreme Network's Commercial Bundle’s:

  • Best in class technology (Wi-Fi 6/6E)
  • Pre-packaged solutions take the guesswork of knowing what to buy
  • Advanced features that reduce troubleshooting and on-boarding time
  • Advanced security and data privacy features
  • Free of subscription renewals for five years
  • Five years of technical support

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