The Executive's Guide to Cyber Insurance

The Executive's Guide to Cyber Insurance was a free presentation that aimed to help executives understand the complexities of cyber insurance and how to maximize their coverage. The event featured presentations from experts in insurance and cybersecurity, who provided insights into how to mitigate risk and protect businesses from cyber threats.

After a relaxing hour of networking and cocktails, attendees sat down to enjoy DT Prime's amazing food and prepared for the first speaker, Frank Baer. Frank, a lawyer and the CEO of Assured Partners of WV, explained how cyber insurance worked to mitigate risk. Following Frank, Chris May, CISSP, explained the steps businesses needed to take to maximize coverage by adopting the right cybersecurity posture. Finally, Joe Justice facilitated a live Q&A and discussion forum with Frank, Chris, and the attendees.

Overall, the event provided invaluable knowledge and insights into the world of cyber insurance, and attendees learned how to make the most of their coverage.