Tom Adkins

As the Senior Application Developer at Advantage Technology, I develop and maintain the custom software we create for our entire client base. I mostly do the graphical/user interfaces and web services, but have done some database development and design work as well.

Before coming to Advantage Technology, I started my career working for one of the largest natural gas companies in the world as an applications developer, developing internal custom accounting and maintenance software. After that, I shifted my career to the defense sector where I worked as a senior software engineer for a company that supplied multiple United States Defense departments with biometric software to fight against growing terrorism. After that, I served as I.T. Manager of an EHR hosting company that served 17 hospitals and care clinics. It was after that I took the leap with my good friend, Amber, and started our very own custom software development company, CodeBusters LLC. Together, we provided custom software and database development to several clients for nearly 5 years. In the middle to late of our 4th year, we merged our company with Advantage Technology to provide them with professional custom software/database development and expertise.

In my free time, I enjoy boxing, fighting, weight lifting, shooting guns, throwing knives, shooting bows, hunting, fishing, stalking wild animals, driving extremely fast cars, sampling different genres of beers from around the world, running heavy equipment, NASCAR, anything extreme, and spending time with my son.

Notable Achievements

  • Co-founded/owned and ran a successful custom software development company, CodeBusters LLC, for nearly 5 years.
  • Worked within a small team for multiple United States Defense departments in developing biometric software to serve in the fight against terrorism abroad.
  • Developed the world's first HIPAA compliant iPhone application that integrated into the RPMS Electronic Health Record system.


  • Advanced C#/ASP.NET Certification


  • West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Montgomery, WV
    • B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics, May 2006
Senior Application Developer