Custom Software Development

Are you finding it difficult to skyrocket productivity and take full advantage of your existing computing infrastructure?

Smart, driven executives, managers and business owners have big plans to push their business or organization forward. But, as you already know, skyrocketing productivity is no easy task.

As you have struggled to keep your business afloat, keep your employees or co-workers happy and maximize your existing infrastructure, you may have…

  • Tried to cut as many data entry steps as possible which just resulted in missing information or a more complex workflow for your staff.
  • Spent money hiring more employees both full-time and part-time which led to lost money due to lack of consistent work needs.
  • Used off-the-shelf software and cloud based tools which just ended up in adjusting your work to match the tools rather than having the tools match your work.
  • Put plans in place that you know could be automated if you just had to the know-how, but hiring someone with computer programming experience is just out of the question.

The good news is that there is a simple solution, and that’s Custom Software Development from Advantage Technology. Custom Software Development is the one service that will skyrocket productivity and improve the mood of your co-workers and employees.

With Custom Software Development, we will engineer and build software solutions that make your software work in your workflow rather than force your workflow to work with existing off-the-shelf software solutions. Imagine the boost in productivity you would receive from having your own software for…

  • Data entry
  • Analytics
  • Database Linking
  • Process Automation
  • Web Development
  • App Development

Northeast Natural Energy has used Custom Software Development to shave 20 hours a week off invoice processing. What would a productivity boost like that do for your business or organization?

Imagine if those time-consuming tasks in your data entry workflow could be automated. Or your website could offer a cutting-edge user experience. Imagine you could get those two pieces of software that currently don’t communicate to be able to share data. Or if you could build an app to help you take orders or manage inventory.

You can! Custom Software Development can be used for all of those things and more.

With Custom Software Development, the sky is the limit! No matter your challenge, we can build the solution. Call us today at 866-793-8232 or request to Talk to an Expert.

Advantage Technology’s software development team is experienced with C, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Linux shell scripting and Arduino hardware.

Watch as Amber Bostic, Advantage Technology’s Lead Software Developer, explains her role in developing custom software, how she knows she's met the customer’s expectations and how important it is to have a highly trained team of technicians behind her. At Advantage Technology, we treat every custom software project as a unique challenge that needs a unique solution, and we work tirelessly to achieve that goal.