Phone Systems

Phone Systems

It’s true that a lot has changed in the world of telecommunication in the last 20 years. From emails to text messages to social media, there are endless ways of communicating with people today. But even with all of that technology, nothing beats a phone call. What’s better than picking up a phone, dialling a number and talking to a real, live human being who can answer your questions? Or what’s more important than someone in an emergency situation being able to pick up a phone and talk to you right away?

Given the array of telecommunication tools we have today, the phone is still king!

But, the phone itself has also changed a lot over the past few decades. Once upon a time, professionals had an office phone for doing business and a home phone that they would never give out to anyone other than family and friends. So if you wanted to get in touch with that professional, you had to catch them at their desk. Thus locking them to their desk, waiting for that important call.

Then the mobile phone came along and made mobile telecommunication possible. But still, there was an element of “home phone” with the mobile phone. After all, most people don’t want the office to be able to contact them 24/7.

Now with the advent of the smartphone, it’s not just mobile calls that are possible, but mobile email, texting, and social media.

How on earth do you get it all under control? How can you to be that professional that is sitting by the phone waiting for the important call, but also get out a be mobile, but still don’t want to be “on the clock” even when you’re on vacation? Is it even possible?

Well, the good news is, it is possible! And that’s exactly what Advantage Technology specializes in when it comes to telecommunications. We use products from leading-edge companies like ShoreTel, Avaya, and others to provide enterprise-class phone systems. These systems are scalable, so that your company can grow, and can provide mobility to everyone in your company. You can have all of the features of a dedicated desk phone on your desk, at your home and on your smartphone, simultaneously!

Advantage Technology knows telecommunications. We’ve installed systems with hundreds of extensions, we’ve installed systems in small offices and we’ve unified many small, remote offices into a single, seamless system. You can count on the fact that we will sit down with you, learn your telecommunications needs and design a system that’s going to be perfect for you.