Server Consolidation and Migration

Server Consolidation and Migration

Server consolidation reduces the physical footprint of servers, reduces operating costs and energy costs, decreases downtime and improves reliability. Rather than operating, managing and powering a variety of physical servers, server consolidation can provide a single point of contact to manage an entire data center.

It’s also a great idea, at this time, to clean-up and improve the wiring and network infrastructure.

Advantage Technology recommends you take a look at your server infrastructure every 3 to 5 years, survey new technologies and techniques, such as server consolidation, and develop an upgrade plan. This systematic evaluation will lead to a kind of evergreen information technology where you will be constantly up-to-date and won’t be caught lagging behind shifts in technology. The “if it ain't broke don't fix it” mindset will leave your company and your data stuck playing catch-up rather than moving forward. Your technology will be stuck where it is until that point where it all breaks down, and you have to spend a fortune starting from scratch.

When it was time to consolidate several disparate servers into a manageable IT system, Alliance Consulting, Inc looked to Advantage Technology for their expertise in server consolidation and migration. “If I could say anything about Advantage Technology,” says Executive Assistant Manager, Michael Yon, “I just think through the whole process they were there from start to finish. We had no problems. Everything was as smooth as they said it was going to be.”

Alliance Consulting, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary civil, environmental, and mining engineering firm founded in 2001. They work in mining, natural gas, oil and other environment impacting industries. From permitting to designing systems and aiding with implementation, Alliance Consulting helps industries stay in environmental compliance. They have also recently began doing endanger species surveys.

Like with many businesses, their IT infrastructure has been developed over the years on an as-needed basis. Unfortunately, this leads to different systems that require a great deal of time and resources to manage and maintain. Advantage Technology consolidated those servers into a single system and migrated their data and processing to the new system.