Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

We've all been there. From Christmas lights to installing a new computer network, the cables often end up looking like a spaghetti dinner rather than a professional cabling installation. This if fine at home, but not the network infrastructure that you want for your business or organization.

Think about it, if it looks like spaghetti, how effective is it going to be in transmitting all of the very important and essential information your business depends on? How can you be sure that it's going to support your business and your team on a day to day basis and when you need it the most? How are you going to expand and upgrade your network as your company grows?

Just think of all of the functions that depend on your networking system in the modern office: email, phones, video, admin tasks, security, building automation and remote meetings and conferencing. All of these, including your Internet and Intranet, rely on your network infrastructure running like a top, 24/7.

Companies can rise and fall based upon accuracy in the transmission of data, network uptime, and expandability.

Large and small files transfers strain your network. The sheer volume of data used today would be crippling to a networking of just ten years ago. Therefore, even if your nephew is a “whiz kid” at computers that doesn't mean that he can actually, fully understand your needs and requirements in the network infrastructure upon which your livelihood depends. Today, more than ever.

Cabling is a complicated business. Not only do you have to consider the modem and the router, but all of the switches, racks, correct size and use of the cable to facilitate your specific needs.

Establishing a relationship with a professional who will not only install, but maintain your finely tuned system is another key to your business success. Proper cabling and network infrastructure will be a great advantage later when you need the system to be updated or if one link in the chain fails.

A professional cable installer will know how to trace down any problems because he designed your system the right way. And with the right installation, it’ll be more easily expanded as your business grows.

Advantage Technology has been installing cabling and network infrastructure for over 15 years. Whether you're putting in a brand new system or updating your existing one, getting it done right, by a professional, will save you money in the long run and will help you concentrate on more important tasks, like expanding your business.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling
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