Virtual CIO

Jack Shaffer

Information technology as it relates to business is ever changing and because of that, one of the key executive positions that fortune 500 companies have come to embrace is the Chief Information Officer or CIO. However, the position is often not economically viable for small or medium business; even large organizations have difficulty justifying the bottom line when it comes to a full-time CIO position. Instead, they rely heavily on IT directors to make the kind of strategic IT decisions that really should be researched, developed and implemented by a C-Suite officer with the requisite education, training and, most important, experience.

Why is a CIO cost prohibitive? A CIO is an executive level position with the qualifications of an officer. Most companies can only manage to hire a dedicated IT specialist who can handle all IT related responsibilities. So, what they get is “jack of all, master of none”. IT specialists, technicians, and directors are indispensable resources when it comes to day-to-day operations, but they tend to be more technically focused instead of business focused.

Particularly for small and medium organizations there is a gap between what is needed and what is affordable in IT planning. It’s because of this gap that organizations are embracing the strategic advantage of the Virtual CIO. The Virtual CIO is a Managed Service provided by Advantage Technology that provides world-class strategic IT consulting on an as-needed basis.

As a Managed Service provided by Advantage Technology, the Virtual CIO will act as a part of your business, responsible for the development of strategic planning and incorporation of new technology into the organizational workflow. In other words, your Virtual CIO will learn and understand the ins and outs of your business, how it operates, how it reaches customers, spends money and generates revenue. With this understanding, the Virtual CIO can deliver strategic plans to drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

The Virtual CIO will handle practical strategic IT decisions. Should your organization move to storage in the Cloud? Should your current phone system be replaced with a Voice Over IP system? What do you do if a mobile device with sensitive data is stolen? How do you handle downtime in the event of a catastrophic server failure?

The Virtual CIO will also manage the intangible side of IT planning. Utilizing emerging technologies, the Virtual CIO will continuously improve the customer end of your business processes, employee output, record keeping, and communication.

With an Advantage Technology Virtual CIO, you will have an executive level strategic planner at a fraction of the cost of hiring a CIO. The Virtual CIO will manage the amount of money your company will spend on IT, drive innovation and deliver real return on investme