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2016 Tech Review
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2016 has been a real banner year for technology. We’ve seen the mainstream finally come to terms with the need to take cyber security seriously with the hacks of Internet of Things devices, email hacking scandals and the rise of ransomware. We’ve learned that not everything you read on the Internet is true with the controversies surrounding “fake news” online. We’ve seen the proclamation that we’ve entered the post-PC era… again. Not to mention the fact that we might be in the post-headphone era.

Information Security Risk Assessment
Information Security

In recent years, massive date breaches have made headlines all over the United States. From these headlines, it’s clear that many organizations, including very large business and government agencies, do not give enough attention to information security. At Advantage Technology, we’re dedicated to addressing this problem and help both large and small businesses and organizations keep their data, and their client’s data, safe and secure. To that end, we have developed the Information Security Risk Assessment.

The Information Security Risk Assessment is Advantage Technology’s premiere information security product. It is a comprehensive process that our security team will undertake with your company to survey your IT infrastructure, identify security vulnerabilities and recommend hardware, software, and policies to ensure information security.

Information Security Risk Assessment for Healthcare

In recent years, massive daconnotation information breaches have made headlines all over the United States. It has become clear that businesses large and small do not give enough attention to information security.

The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to criminal attacks due to the incredible value of personal health information. Today, personal health information sells at a higher dollar value than credit card numbers. Personal health information is used for a wide range of nefarious purposes, from forging prescriptions for drugs to identity fraud, and even launching fraudulent lawsuits.

Cybercrime. Are you at risk? - Advantage Lunch
August 2015 Advantage Lunch

On August 26th, we held our August Advantage Lunch at Edgewood Country Club. (If you’re not familiar with the Advantage Lunch, learn about it at The topic this month was Cybercrime, and we had an incredible turnout! Close to 40 IT and business professionals came to spend an hour with us explaining the ever complex world of cybercrime and hacking. If you were able to make it, we were thrilled to have you and I want to give you a recap.