The 2018 Weight Loss Competition

Starting in January, the entire Advantage Technology team began our Weight Loss Competition. And this is not just for mere bragging rights; cash prizes were offered to everyone who lost a certain amount of weight. We started off by dividing into teams of four with a total of twelve teams. After the initial weigh-in, we struggled to lose every ounce until finally, twelve weeks later, we had the official weigh-in. The team to lose the most percentage of weight got to walk home with a cool $500 each!

Watch as the winners were announced live on Facebook:

Congratulations to the winning team of Joshua Chandler, Dale Harper, Cody Clay and Nate Spencer. And to the overall winner, Michael Davenport whose favorite activity is to joke around on live video broadcasts and try get Marketing Directors into trouble.

Everyone did a great job! Advantage Technology as a whole lost well over 700lbs!

After the competition, we pigged out.