Joe Justice

Joe Justice

Joe Justice is a content creator and storyteller who has worked in a variety of industries. His unique talent stack includes writing, graphic design, video production, visual effects, computer animation, web development, software development and social media.

From his first job in producing children’s television programming, Joe learned how to bring an education-oriented approach to all his projects. Those early days of educational programming served him well as he moved to the legal field, consulting on presentations for mediation and jury trials. But ultimately, Joe found helping businesses and organizations tell their stories to more exciting work and transitioned to commercial content production. Eventually he landed as the Marketing Director at Advantage Technology, West Virginia’s largest IT company.

Joe’s marketing campaigns strive first to educate. Education is about telling stories in a compelling way and breaking complex subjects down into their constituent parts. Small, captivating stories are easy to present to diverse audiences, and with his technical proficiency he’s always been able to find the right technology to deliver the message.

Joe has been incredibly fortunate to join Advantage Technology in an exciting period of growth with a dedicated and ambitious team. Since he joined, Advantage Technology has grown from one office to four, from less than twenty employees to over eighty, and made the Inc 5000 list of fasting growing companies.

In his free time, Joe enjoys playing guitar, photography and outdoor recreation. He shares his hobbies with his wife and two sons. Joe also performs a lot of unconventional activities to maintain mental and physical health including daily resistance training, intermittent fasting, waking at 5:00AM, isometric breathing, journaling, yoga and cold showers.

Notable Achievements

  • Contributed to Advantage Technology being on the Inc 5000 list of fasting growing companies
  • Contributed to Advantage Technology's growth from one office to four and from less than twenty employees to over eighty
  • Developed technical backend and deployed live video streams of government press conferences during the 2014 Elk River chemical spill.
  • Litigation and Trial Consultant for defense in Patrick McCarthy v. Sterling Chemicals Inc., et al (Hamilton County Courthouse, Cincinnati, OH). This personal injury matter involved the plaintiff having severe brain damage after being struck by a manway cover from a pressurized railcar and falling to the ground. I was retained by the defense to assist in preparation and presentation of all exhibits, video footage and video depositions in this record-setting case. Lasting nearly four months, this trial holds the record for Hamilton County for longest trial. Result – Verdict for defense.
  • Forensic Animator for plaintiff in Shaffer vs. Giant Eagle (Superior Court of Pennsylvania). This personal injury case involved a tractor trailer losing control, veering into oncoming traffic and causing a three-car collision. I re-created the events along with several animations with different camera angles to capture key aspects of the events. Also, several alternative scenarios were created, demonstrating the truck driver was not paying attention to the road, as the collision was easily avoidable. Result – Settlement.
  • Featured multiple times in the East Lansing Children's Film Festival


  • MCSA: Office 365, 2018
Marketing Director